Vanessa Axente @ Vogue Japan February 2016 cover by Patrick Demarchelier – I feel there’s a huge disturbance in the force

I still have to do the post about Vanessa Axente @ Vogue Italia December 2012 by… no, really, why should I write by who?, and considering it’s almost January I actually don’t know if I’m going to do it or not, but I have to say something caught my attention in an even more powerful way. Sure, that doesn’t mean reasons are “positive” or anything in that enthusiastic direction, but… but let’s start saying this post is about her (of Vanessa Axente) cover of Vogue Japan’s February 2016 issue (February? 2016?, one of the reasons you can’t love Vogue Italia more than any other fashion magazine of earth, or just “magazine” if you prefer –for those about, let’s say cars for example?, things aren’t that different in fact-, months which appear of their issues still have a meaning for them…).

Then… a looong time ago I did a post about Vogue Japan and its covers, “Pleeease: can someone create a task force to steal stamp they use for Vogue Nippon covers?! (semiotics for dummies)” the title, and I have to say nothing has actually changed.