How to Recover From LASIK Surgery

If you are going to undergo LASIK surgery in the near future, preparing for what is to come afterwards can make your recovery as speedy and comfortable as possible. LASIK, just like any other major medical procedure, will require you to rest. Letting your body do what is has to do will help ensure that your vision will strengthen, as intended.

The Moment After

After the LASIK surgery is done your eyes will be very sensitive to the light and your vision might be a bit blurry. Your instinct may be telling you to put on some dailies aquacomfort plus but you need to patiently wait for your eyes to heal. Find someone who can drive you home and take care of you for at least a couple of days.

Get Comfortable

Since you will not be able to use your eyes much after the procedure has finished, you should be prepared to simply relax for a bit. Put on some comfortable clothes, find some good albums to listen to, and have an exciting audiobook on standby. Even if the rest of your body is ready to move around you need to try to keep your eyes closed and avoid putting those contacts back on.

Convenient Food

Following your LASIK procedure you need to be ready to use your eyes as little as possible. You will need to keep from doing certain activities like cooking or driving. Meal-prepping, buying frozen meals, or having food delivered to you can help reduce strain on your eyes and prevent any kitchen accidents.