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What’s this?!!! two words about “IS THIS IT?”

So – what’s this? “IS THIS IT? models review” is about established and well known models, and new faces as well. You’re going to find editorials, ads, lookbooks, shows, digitals, and many other things, so about models as part of the fashion industry, and girls too (for the record: you should always bear in mind the difference).  The point is: I didn’t want to just do neither a mere visual catalogue nor a “fanboy blog”, I wanted something different, somehow more thorough, rationally positive if I want to write about models I prefer, and from a completely different point of view I somehow wanted to share something about those girls, their experiences, what they are, why not? for other people too, like I haven’t seen anywhere else – those were and still are two of the things I care more about.

But wait, talking about fashion, that’s obvious: you don’t have to think things the way I do, absolutely not. My favorite models won’t probably be yours, and so shots and whatever else, it’s good to have an opinion (and feelings too: sometimes you adore a model and you don’t know why, it’s ok, I also have some models I adore for the hell of it, it’s just different from a rational thorough optimistic enthusiasm, and in my opinion you’re supposed to be enough objective to understand it), and what’s way more important is not trying to convince others that they are wrong and yours is right. It’s just about sharing, and get the best from others’ points of view; it’s about respect them even if we don’t agree, and grow up a little bit more because of our diversities – just the same way it should happen in life.

And… that’s that. I don’t think there is a lot more to say about this, so – hope you’ll enjoy.

PS about models especially, every opinion (IF NOT OFFENSIVE and ABOUT THE MODEL), even if negative, should be welcome… these girls face (or btw they will) hundreds of castings, many more-or-less kind “No thanks”, and honest opinions are just a very little part or good anticipation of that… with a personal implicit “PS BTW I WISH YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR CAREER AND LIFE ESPECIALLY”.

PPS last but not least, very important: I want to thank everyone who with their help have made and make this site possible; all people who wrote me, who sent me material, ideas, interesting suggestions – and who will.

I honestly don’t think I deserve your support, your help, your sincere fondness. THANK YOU ALL. And be patient with me, I know sometimes it’s (veeeery) hard; but try the most you can…

PPPS I swear this is the last one… since many asked me, I write it here: why “IS THIS IT?”. Ok, sure, I love the Strokes’ album, but the title refers to… I started to get interested in fashion because of a girl I knew few years ago, obviously a model, and when she proudly showed me her new editorial in a very important fashion magazine, well, that’s all I thought… “is this it?”, “really?”, it didn’t look so special or actually interesting to me. Things changed since then, but it anyway became my approach to the fashion industry I guess… and why not?, the sometimes extremely irrational senseless (and honestly quite awkward) enthusiasm of some fanboys/girls, both for the industry and some models in particular…