How to Wear Gold Jewelry “The Right Way”

Summary: Gold is a powerful and provocative color that can turn any outfit into a sophisticated masterpiece.

Gold jewelry is appealing in nature due to its natural glimmer and shine – why do you think so many of today’s hip-hop artists like incorporating them into their grills and other items? All jokes aside, it’s important to let each piece shine so you bring out the best in your outfit.

Make a Statement

When you’re wearing an eye-catching color, be sure to avoid over-accessorizing as it’ll take over your entire outfit and steer the attention away from what you’re wearing. Be careful that you don’t overdo it, or it’ll be difficult to create a nice balance and you’ll be making the wrong type of statement.

Feel Free to Mix Metals

If you’re wearing gold, it doesn’t mean that your accessories are limited to just that color. Old-fashioned individuals might disagree but it’s not a fashion killer to mix and match. It’s considered more of a fashion statement in this day and age. Try some platinum jewelry or sterling silver with your gold jewelry to mix things up a bit.

Stay Away from Gold Overload

Wearing certain gold jewelry pieces like a religious cross or a pendant looks great with the right outfit. But, how much gold is too much gold? Well, if you’re planning on wearing a gold dress, it’s already shimmering brightly enough as it is, portraying a sophisticated and sexy appeal. Partnering that up with gold earrings, gold bracelets, and gold necklaces is just completely overwhelming and takes away from the original appeal that you were initially going for. Don’t overdo it, you’ll probably regret it later.

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