Fashion Design Inspiration and Sources

Article Written by : Backstage Lounge
Fashion Design is an area that is influenced a lot by different sources of inspiration. You need to be very observant to understand new forms, shapes, figures and structures and to remember them in detail. For this reason, a lot of designers will keep a sketchbook with them, to write down what they observe.

In most cases, designers are inspired by:

1. The materials that are used
Different materials give you varied experiences, which allow you to combine and move things around in your design. For example, if you’re into wax modeling, you can try jewelers wax to change things around.

2. Art & History Eras
In all the history, humanity went through a number of different art eras, like Egyptian, Medieval, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Baroque. Each different and offering you magnificent views into the past. Everything that has to do with these art eras can offer a designer inspiration. Even a mix of different styles of design can offer you new ideas.

3. Nature
The number of ideas you can get from nature is endless. Wherever you look, you see different textures, shapes, flower varieties and colors, in birds, insects, animals and trees. Every form of life can inspire you in some way.

4. Symbolic Sources
Take a look at organizational symbols or signs, Zodiac signs, logos, monograms or occupational symbols. You can easily get new design ideas from the way they are made, both for shapes and compositions of colors and styles.

5. Concepts & Themes
If you have an open mind, you can understand themes and deeper concepts easier. You can create new designs for politics, nature, religion and so on.

You can go visit exhibitions, stores with jewelry, museums and many other places where you can get information and inspiration for your designs. Make sure you also add your own style to those designs.