The Top Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Article by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi

When one thinks of breast surgery, they usually think it is for cosmetic purposes. However, many women do not have physical appearances in mind when they look for qualified surgeons. Breasts that are too large can actually be a medical concern that can cause long-term pain. Continue reading to learn about why a reduction in breast size may be beneficial.

Neck and Back Pain

Numerous women who seek out breast reduction operations experience discomfort in their necks and backs. By taking out some of the fat and tissue present in the breasts, surgeons are able to remove some of the weight weighing down women’s chests. By removing excess weight, surgeons are able to drastically reduce the amount of pressure put on the neck and back region required to keep one’s body in an upright position.

Irritated Skin

Another reason why a woman may choose to have their breasts reduced in size is to handle skin problems. Oversized breasts can potentially can irritate the skin by causing rashes, blisters, and possibly even infections. Even if a woman’s skin irritations are not very severe, if a doctor believes that the issues may be related to the size of her breasts, then it may be in her best interest to consider surgery. This can also help prevent future, similar irritations from popping up later on.

Cosmetic Reasons

Even if a woman’s breasts are not causing her any physical discomfort, a valid reason why she may want to have her breasts reduced could simply be to enhance her physical appearance. Cosmetic surgeons today can change the size and shape of one’s breasts at a fairly reasonable price, which may ultimately boost one’s confidence or help her feel more comfortable in her own skin.

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