Fashion Is for the Entire Year

Some say people lose sight of fashion at the start of the fall — going so far as to put away their amazing helix stud earrings — because the summer parties have been left behind with the sun-dappled days and the de rigueur personal sprucing demanded by a relentless holiday season has yet to get underway. But all that’s necessary to counter these folks’ unfounded claims is to share with them, for a moment, your latest September issue of Vogue. Don’t let them keep it, of course!

May be there’ll be an article in there about the current rage for spinner rings, but even if there isn’t, you can do your part to introduce them to some of the finer points of year-round fashion trending. It’s a matter of fact that no part of the year is really without its style inspirations. Television, film, and on-vacation shots of celebrities are always fuelling the public’s imagination and desire for a more dapper way of life. Moreover, the end of summer is when the more daring and bold fashion statements can really be made.

In the warm weather, layering too much over your favorite Versace perfume can cause a heat stroke, but in the cold, anything goes! So no matter what the naysayers are claiming, keep your cool style-wise and stay on trend.