How to Minimize Blue Light Damage

August 7, 2019

Perhaps one of the less obvious ways you can take care of your body is by monitoring the amount of blue light you expose your eyes to on a regular basis. Blue light, a very intense kind of light that comes from the sun, screens, and other sources of light, can be harmful to the body when exposure is high. It is nearly impossible to avoid it altogether but the…


Top Contact Safety Tips You Need to Know When Applying Makeup

July 6, 2019

Summary: Contact lenses and makeup aren’t exactly the perfect couple. Here are some tips that will help you improve your safety when applying new makeup. Many people are switching to contact lenses in order to free up more fashionable options in their wardrobe. While this might spell out new ways to style yourself up, ensuring you follow the appropriate care and cleaning procedure is much more important. Keep Your Hands…


How to Correctly Clean and Disinfect Your Contact Lenses

May 8, 2019

Summary: Cleaning your contact lenses on a consistent basis, the right way, will ensure your eyes stay as healthy as possible. Contact lenses, similar to your eyeglasses, need to be cleaned and maintained in order to prevent infection and irritation. Here are some tips and guidelines that you should follow if you’re new to contact lenses. Purchase the Right Cleaning Solution Remember, not all contact lenses use the same type…


What Type of Contact Lens Solutions is Right For You?

March 5, 2019

Summary: Choosing a type of contact lens solution can be difficult due to the various brands and types of solutions available. This guide will help break down what you need to get started. There is no single brand of contact lens solution that is the very best. All brands that are sold at your local drug store have been demonstrated to be effective when used properly and have been approved…


How to Choose the Right Massage Establishment

Summary: While it might be convenient to stop by the first massage business that you see down the street, it can also come with plenty of caveats. Due diligence and thorough research can prove to be the difference-maker in terms of finding the right location. It should come as no surprise that a large number of massage businesses are opening up all over the state of New York. With massage…

September 24, 2018

The Top Benefits of a Breast Reduction

February 5, 2018

Article by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi When one thinks of breast surgery, they usually think it is for cosmetic purposes. However, many women do not have physical appearances in mind when they look for qualified surgeons. Breasts that are too large can actually be a medical concern that can cause long-term pain. Continue reading to learn about why a reduction in breast size may be beneficial. Neck and Back Pain Numerous…


Top Men’s Shoes In 2017

January 21, 2018

Men got the memo a few years ago. If you want to look “sick” as some Millennials like to say, you must dress from the feet up. Your grandfather’s black and brown oxfords got the last rites years ago, and a new trend in wingtip and straight tip oxfords is on fleek these days. Derby lace-ups have a more casual feel, thanks to soles that impress with pops of color….


How to Wear Gold Jewelry “The Right Way”

January 20, 2018

Summary: Gold is a powerful and provocative color that can turn any outfit into a sophisticated masterpiece. Gold jewelry is appealing in nature due to its natural glimmer and shine – why do you think so many of today’s hip-hop artists like incorporating them into their grills and other items? All jokes aside, it’s important to let each piece shine so you bring out the best in your outfit. Make…


Why So Many Celebrities Favor Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal
December 31, 2017

Like most people, you probably pay attention to what all the celebrities are wearing in order to keep up on the latest trends. It’s generally assumed that celebrities are on the cutting edge because they can afford to have any look they want. But you might be surprised to know that many of the looks they pull off can be yours, if you know what you’re doing. Swarovski crystal accessories…


Cubic Zirconia Rings: Elegance on a Realistic Wedding Budget

Cubic Zirconia Rings: Elegance on a Realistic Wedding Budget
November 25, 2017

Article Written by : Inexpensive Wedding Ideas Financially speaking, it’s a bit tough to be the average American these days. And while the economy may be slowly improving, we’re still stuck dealing with times as they are now. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. But it is still a far way off. However, this doesn’t change the fact that people still meet and fall in…