How to Minimize Blue Light Damage

Woman working mobile phone at night

Perhaps one of the less obvious ways you can take care of your body is by monitoring the amount of blue light you expose your eyes to on a regular basis. Blue light, a very intense kind of light that comes from the sun, screens, and other sources of light, can be harmful to the body when exposure is high. It is nearly impossible to avoid it altogether but the key to handling it is being mindful with how you treat the sources of blue light.

Minimize Exposure

Simply limiting how much time you spend exposed to the sources of blue light will reduce the amount of damage your body will take. Exposing your eyes to blue light is generally fine in moderation. Limiting how many minutes you spend looking at a screen, be it your phone or your TV, can make a big difference. Seeing as the sun is the largest source of blue light, being mindful of how long you are outside for, especially during sunny days, can also help you take care of your eyes. Even if you have bausch and lomb contacts on to help you see, you still need to consider potential light damage.

Reducing Strength of Blue Light

While eliminating all sources of blue light might sound ideal, it is not a practical solution for most. If your work requires you to look at screens then avoiding them altogether is not an option. A few ways to reduce blue light intensity from a screen is to sit further away from it, wear contacts from a place like and wear blue light glasses, or to use a blue light filter on the device. You can either use an app to reduce blue light levels or buy a physical film that you can put over your screen.