How to Correctly Clean and Disinfect Your Contact Lenses

May 8, 2019

Summary: Cleaning your contact lenses on a consistent basis, the right way, will ensure your eyes stay as healthy as possible. Contact lenses, similar to your eyeglasses, need to be cleaned and maintained in order to prevent infection and irritation. Here are some tips and guidelines that you should follow if you’re new to contact lenses. Purchase the Right Cleaning Solution Remember, not all contact lenses use the same type…


What Type of Contact Lens Solutions is Right For You?

March 5, 2019

Summary: Choosing a type of contact lens solution can be difficult due to the various brands and types of solutions available. This guide will help break down what you need to get started. There is no single brand of contact lens solution that is the very best. All brands that are sold at your local drug store have been demonstrated to be effective when used properly and have been approved…


Kaki West’s Secrets to Beautiful Eyes

Kaki West beautiful eyes
November 15, 2017

Article Submitted by Kaki West. Do you want beautiful eyes? Tired of bags and dark circles? While you can surely use some makeup tricks to hide those flaws, it takes more than makeup to brighten tired and puffy eyes. Here are my favorite products to use when I need to revive and rejuvenate my windows to the soul (See Kaki West pics). Chanel Sublimage Ultimate Regeneration Eye Cream I consider…