Top Men’s Shoes In 2019

Men got the memo a few years ago. If you want to look “sick” as some Millennials like to say, you must dress from the feet up. Your grandfather’s black and brown oxfords got the last rites years ago, and a new trend in wingtip and straight tip oxfords is on fleek these days. Derby lace-ups have a more casual feel, thanks to soles that impress with pops of color. Classic loafers are still around, but they have an element of bling in 2019. You might say their fresh new look is a crossbreed of cool studs, the right touch of sequins, and other embellishments that used to be cringe-worthy in the old days.

Men’s sandals are giving athletic-inspired shoes stiff competition. Sandals are summer and winter dress shoes for some men. The top men’s shoes in 2019 include strappy Velcro sandals with an attitude. And when crazy socks are part of your sandal statement, it’s game on. But the top sneakers aren’t the tired low-court kicks anymore. Sneakers have an air of sophistication in 2019. There’s a sense of refinement in a pair of soft suede or leather sneakers on a dope white outsole that has an athletic feel but crosses the line into the casual dress category.

But the one men’s shoe style that never goes away is the iconic desert boot. The desert boot is the go-to look for men who understand the importance of mixing the old with the new. In 2019, the desert boot got a color and toe upgrade. Yesteryear’s hound dog suede color has morphed into bright colors on a square-toe, or a sleeker round toe last. But the desert boot’s thick crepe-type sole is still the bomb.

Article submitted by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa is dedicated to blogging about the latest trends in men’s fashion.