Model Stereotypes

Preamble: what’s a job? After all I’ve always thought a job basically is (or defines) WHAT YOU DO, not WHAT YOU ARE. I mean, mine is not holy rule but just a general opinion. I grew up with a dad… he was a lathe turner in a big factory (wait, “was” ‘cause now retired!), he worked so hard every day, but when he came back home, not a single word about his job; and most important, you’d have never guessed what his job was considering his cultural knowledge, books he reads, music he listens to and so on.

Back to jobs and general considerations, in fact there are people who can’t wait to share the incredible achievements they reach, or who just moan about how hard it is – well, about the second point, only god knows how destroyed my dad was after those never ending days, but not a word, not a lament, nothing. And back to the first point, to mention a funny thing, you can be cool and hot and whatever without a single word about your job: Barney Stinson docet (I found a very little youtube video, here’s his –and generally mine- approach to the thing)… “haha, please”… 🙂

Btw I began writing “basically”, and there are cases where, well, your job in a way or another changes you and what you are. Ask miners’ lungs from a point of view, and yep, models from another; ‘cause yes, I hate “Models are” sentences, but as I (hehe partially ironically) already had the chance to write being a model changes you, it’s a matter of fact: seriously, I don’t think models are generally childish; but that a lot of times they’re mythical (and sometimes kind of frightening) creatures “between Hello Kitty and Godzilla”, yes, absolutely! Experience taught me it happens models are so mature and childish at the same time; sometimes the thing creates an incredibly interesting and surprising mix, wonderful personalities, sometimes… ok, sometimes… let’s say “sometimes not”… *_*’

But maybe I’ll write something more about that in another occasion, and yep, I guess I will, absolutely.

Until then… ok, being a model changes you, travel a lot at particular ages can’t be a thing to underestimate or even less totally ignore, but from a different point of view, back to how senseless is a generic “Models are” sentence, I found this post in Codie Young’s blog, and so… well, I’d like to share it.

I feel free to do it ‘cause no, I don’t personally know her, so I won’t care about any kind of inference or conjecture. Plus: she seems a pretty good girl with a good head on her shoulders, and… I personally like “Codie the model” a lot! So here the copy & paste of her post, no comment required – or better, right a little one: she writes about anorexia, I agree with her (both about what models do, and people say), and I find this another good opportunity to underline the fact weight and generally being in shape is usually last of the problems for most of the models, age and traveling and some emotional implications are first things I think when I think about how being a model changes these girls, what they are and well, how they’ll grow up – so care about these girls is first of all consider that, generally the fact they’re not lifeless robots, and it’s both about their job and how (a lot of dumb and horny) guys way too often stare at them only thinking about sex, looking at bodies that somehow become lifeless objects, it’s simply tiresome, irritating, so bothersome and upsetting. But it’s a long, complicated and intricate question after all, so here Codie’s post, a very good opportunity to remind models are FIRST OF ALL girls, and girls have feelings, a mind, generally their lives, and a life can’t be a stereotype:


okay so this is going to be a different post to my usual about places i have been or jobs i have done.

this post is going to be about MODEL STEREOTYPES!!!

now i have offically been modelling for 1 year and i have come across some nasty stereotypes specifically aimed at models; and quiet frankly i think it is really unfair and outragous that people can be so critical of people they dont even know and a industry they probally dont understand.

so here we go 🙂

the most common ones are

-we are bulimic



-coke heads

-24/7 party people

this is absolutely ridiculous. we arent all trying to starve ourselves to fit clothes and for myself personally thinking of vommiting up my food is disgusting i hate to vomit thats the last thing im going to do by choice!

we arent all anorexic yes there are some out there that are anorexic thats true but there are so many models out there who are like me; naturally skinny, so why do people think it is okay to call us anorexic. we dont go around saying to people who are larger, that they are fat!

we are NOT dumb. lots of the models who make it and do really well are the ones that fall into it they have other goals and dreams as well outside of modelling. modeling is a job and you would be suprised how many models out there want to save up and go to university/college!

no we arent all drug addicts! of course there are always going to be people who take drugs but just because where models doesnt mean we all do them! yes we have ridiculous hours so people assume we all do drugs to stay awake… not true we are some of the hardest working people i know! its called sucking it up and doing your job! doctors also work ridiculous hours and they are one of the most common drug users in the world! but no one points fingers at them because they are DOCTORS!!!!

do we party non stop no! yes there are definitally some models who do party all the time but are they working? … no they arent! models who constantly go out dont book jobs. am i saying that we dont go out no im not saying that. im like any other australian girl i love a good party or night on the town. but there is a time and place for everything and a party night when you work the next day is totally inappropriate!

finally we are all total bitches!

so like i have said previously of course there is always going to be the bitch in the bunch. but are we all bitches in a big constant cat fight NO! modelling is a job just like a business woman or a builder or a musican we work together, we have model friends just like builders are friends with other builders!.

i hope some of those who read this have a better understanding of models and no that we arent anorexic party coke head freaks! we are just people who a doing a job like everyone else.

i hope you liked my post and any questions feel free to ask!