Cubic Zirconia Rings: Elegance on a Realistic Wedding Budget

Article Written by : Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

Financially speaking, it’s a bit tough to be the average American these days. And while the economy may be slowly improving, we’re still stuck dealing with times as they are now. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. But it is still a far way off. However, this doesn’t change the fact that people still meet and fall in love everyday. And some of them wish to go that one step farther. And while the idea of marriage is a blessing, the sad truth is weddings are incredible expensive. And in this day and age, maybe too expensive. And yet, there are ways around some of these rising financial burdens. And for a fraction of the cost, you can find some of the best cubic zirconia engagement rings available for a hopeful groom to place upon his new fiancee’s finger.

While the idea may initially seem cheap or unwholesome, this needs to be re-examined with practical eyes. The suggestion isn’t to be deceitful to a bride to be. In fact, honesty and communication are essential to a long lasting marriage. A gorgeous 3 stone cubic zirconia ring may still have a hefty price tag. It’s just one that one put people in the poor house in the process. And with that in mind, many new husbands and wives have had to forgo a honeymoon due to wedding expenses. A new marriage shouldn’t be about spending outrageous amounts of money. In fact, the opposite should apply. From a practical standpoint, wedding rings are just exchanged at the beginning. If the desire for perceived improvements are needed, an anniversary would be a more appropriate time for a diamond, especially after a marriage has become financially stable.

If love is real, than it isn’t dependent on how much money is spent. And if a marriage is to survive and grow, real plans have to be made with realistic budgets. With times being as tough as they are, providing for each other should be the goal instead of spending a ludicrous amount of money on a piece of jewelry. A ring will still express the commitment. And whether it is a diamond or not, a good and talented jeweler can still create elegant art that will dazzle and impress.

Wedding rings are sacred items to be sure. But the sacredness doesn’t come from a price tag. Instead, it is reflective of the worth you give them. Will it be a symbol of excessive spending? Or will it be a symbol of what you invest in each other by saving for a future together. The choice is for the both of you.