The Top Benefits of a Breast Reduction

May 15, 2019

Article by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi When one thinks of breast surgery, they usually think it is for cosmetic purposes. However, many women do not have physical appearances in mind when they look for qualified surgeons. Breasts that are too large can actually be a medical concern that can cause long-term pain. Continue reading to learn about why a reduction in breast size may be beneficial. Neck and Back Pain Numerous…


How to Choose the Right Massage Establishment

Summary: While it might be convenient to stop by the first massage business that you see down the street, it can also come with plenty of caveats. Due diligence and thorough research can prove to be the difference-maker in terms of finding the right location. It should come as no surprise that a large number of massage businesses are opening up all over the state of New York. With massage…

September 24, 2018

The Benefits of Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia
October 1, 2017

Article Written by : MMZ Online Everyone says diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but is that still the case? Plenty of jewelry and even engagement bands feature other precious stones these days. In fact, you’ve probably seen a cubic zirconia bridal ring and didn’t notice. That’s because cubic zirconia is becoming more and more popular these days when it comes to jewelry and rings. Read on to find out…


Get Some Good Karma With a Karma Necklace

Karma Necklace
September 16, 2017

Yoga is a practice of the mind, body, and spirit.  Many people practice yoga in order to contemplate their lives, to bring peace to the craziness, and to strengthen their mind and body.  Yoga is much more than just an exercise; it is a way of life.  To express their love of yoga, many women reflect the practices and ideas of yoga in their personal appearance.  Women choose to wear…


Organic Jewelry to Spice Up Your Fashion

Organic Jewelry
September 13, 2017

Organic jewelry had its humble beginnings when the Native Americans strung together a bunch of sea shells. Since then, it has grown, by leaps and bounds, to become an integral part of the fashion industry – thanks to the growing popularity of pearls. Yet many people aren’t aware of the fact that pearls, quite simply, are obtained when oysters handle an irritation by coating it with calcium carbonate and which…


Models Casting

July 7, 2017

It happens for some girls whose castings don’t go the way they expect or just hope to feel low, dejected, fall in tears. Most of the times they’re very young, so, you know, it happens to be kind of more “emotional” at that age, but as a model, it can always happen a moment when you just want to close in your own room and to fall in tears. It’s…


3 Jewelry Trends at the 2017 Academy Awards

Academy Awards jewelry
February 28, 2017

Article Written by : Cosmetic Materials The jewelry trends seen at the 2017 Academy Awards were reflective of classic Hollywood fashion with one trend including actresses wearing jewelry on their backs, and for the most part, being selection of vintage jewelry. As for the gowns, there were all types ranging from fluffy to simple and even to neutral and brights. So, here are 3 jewelry trends, and which are no…


Bali Bracelets

Bali Bracelets
February 3, 2017

Article Written by : A Wedding Ideas Have you ever considered what your wrist accessories might be saying about you? I don’t mean in the sense that they are saying nasty things about you behind your back. What I mean is: what does that bracelet at the end of your arm say about the unique individual that you are? Bali bracelets might be telling the world that you are as…


Vanessa Axente @ Vogue Japan February 2016 cover by Patrick Demarchelier – I feel there’s a huge disturbance in the force

February 1, 2017

I still have to do the post about Vanessa Axente @ Vogue Italia December 2012 by… no, really, why should I write by who?, and considering it’s almost January I actually don’t know if I’m going to do it or not, but I have to say something caught my attention in an even more powerful way. Sure, that doesn’t mean reasons are “positive” or anything in that enthusiastic direction, but……


Fashion Design Inspiration and Sources

Fashion Design inspiration
January 19, 2017

Article Written by : Backstage Lounge Fashion Design is an area that is influenced a lot by different sources of inspiration. You need to be very observant to understand new forms, shapes, figures and structures and to remember them in detail. For this reason, a lot of designers will keep a sketchbook with them, to write down what they observe. In most cases, designers are inspired by: 1. The materials…