Get Some Good Karma With a Karma Necklace

Yoga is a practice of the mind, body, and spirit.  Many people practice yoga in order to contemplate their lives, to bring peace to the craziness, and to strengthen their mind and body.  Yoga is much more than just an exercise; it is a way of life.  To express their love of yoga, many women reflect the practices and ideas of yoga in their personal appearance.  Women choose to wear art wear jewelry instead of the typical diamond and sapphire necklaces.  These pieces of jewelry are a bit more funky and free than their traditional counterparts, and they are often handmade.

Flowery clothes, comfortable fabrics, and happy colors are part of the yogi’s everyday wardrobe.  But never in excess; everything is about balance.  A woman that practices yoga may wear a business suit with a few strands of beaded handmade necklaces, nothing to flashy or crazy, but just enough to give her an aura of peace and easygoingness.

For women who may have a bit more free expression in their work place or for stay at home moms, they are a bit more vocal in their style of yoga accessories.  There are yoga tank tops with cute sayings on them, yoga pants that can be worn everywhere, beads or feathers that women can put in their hair to show off their free spirit.  Women may even wear a karma necklace to show that for every action there is a reaction, and what you do in life, be it good or bad, will always come back to you.  Women who practice yoga also practice yoga fashion.