The Benefits of Cubic Zirconia

Article Written by : MMZ Online

Everyone says diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but is that still the case? Plenty of jewelry and even engagement bands feature other precious stones these days. In fact, you’ve probably seen a cubic zirconia bridal ring and didn’t notice. That’s because cubic zirconia is becoming more and more popular these days when it comes to jewelry and rings. Read on to find out why.

The main reason cubic zirconia is popular is because of its remarkable resemblance to diamond. In fact, “resemblance” is putting it quite lightly. To the naked and untrained eye, there is no difference to be noticed. Even a skilled gemologist would need to run various tests before they could tell your cubic zirconia eternity ring wasn’t featuring a diamond.

Of course, that’s just one of the reasons. As cubic zirconia is the result of a man-made chemical process, it is sold at a much more affordable price. When you compare a diamond to a cubic zirconia that looks exactly the same, it becomes an easy choice which one to purchase.

Lastly, diamonds are falling out of favor with many due to environmental, political and humanitarian reasons. You never have to worry about this with a cubic zirconia though. Many of them are actually made right here in the USA!

If you’re planning a jewelry purchase in the near future, consider cubic zirconia instead of diamonds.