Real Women, Real Beauties

January 12, 2017

Words have a meaning; I mean, if to say something you use certain words instead of some others a reason there must be – and in fact there is. One of the most inflated, hackneyed and used at random words in fashion is “anorexia”. I won’t write too much today ‘cause after all that’s not the real point, but you know, if “the industry”  uses it to have something to…


Fashion Week Coma

January 1, 2017

As you can see this season I opted for a Fashion Weeks month coma; I don’t know if it’s a smart and actually effective solution, maybe it is/was, maybe not, but a passive solution is still better than a painful whatever-happened-last-seasons. That said don’t worry, I tried to be a little more apathetic, the way I am with practically anything else for the record, but in any case in a…